Systematically assessing the design, implementation & results of an initiative for the purposes of learning & decision making

Program development

Establishing a theory of change and measurable outcomes to inform implementation, resource allocation & decision making



Using evidence to inform action, engaging users in reflective practice and mobilizing knowledge to inform change


AndersonDraper Consulting

is an Edmonton-based company, working across Alberta, with a focus on evaluation, and specific expertise in policy, developmental and outcome-based evaluations.


AndersonDraper Consulting has been involved in evaluating  government and community based programs, with a focus on utilization. We have extensive experience working with advisory committees, managing and conducting formative, summative and developmental evaluations, developing evaluation frameworks and tools, collecting and interpreting data and providing findings in a useful way to inform program and policy.



Michelle Anderson-Draper

Michelle has been involved in evaluation for the past 15 years, was one of the first cohorts to receive the professional designation of “credentialed evaluator” from the Canadian Evaluation Society in February 2011. Michelle focuses on initiatives that aim to improve program outcomes for children, youth, families, and communities. Michelle is adept at applying varying evaluation methodologies to meet the needs of a situation, as evidenced by her evaluation experience. Her skills have ensured that research and evaluation findings contribute to providing strategic recommendations

Services offered

  • Evaluation Frameworks
  • Logic Modeling & Theory of Change
  • Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation (Interviews, Focus Groups, Surveys)
  • Report Writing
  • Presentation and Facilitated Discussion of Findings
  • Technology & Research Integration
  • Database Design, Application Frameworks
  • Real-Time Visual Data Modeling

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